I facilitate diverse groups with an exploratory and therapeutic aim for different presenting difficulties.  There is growing evidence that group therapy is a highly effective form of psychotherapy. It creates a sense of hope, connection, learning from one another and development through different techniques.

It is important that groups maintain both structure and some flexibility. Consistent attendance from participants is important in order to maintain the cohesion and survival of the group.

The topics of the group discussions vary depending on the presenting difficulties that each participant is going through. However, I often facilitate context and theme-specific groups for clients or their parents / carers, often focused on gender identity development, eating disorders, conduct difficulties.

It is required that each participant has attended prior individual sessions in order to ensure compatibility and readiness to be part of a wider group.

I’m currently facilitating groups for parents of young people struggling with the development of their gender identity. These are usually a combination of psychoeducation and therapy-based group sessions and are only offered face-to-face in London and in Athens. If you are interested in knowing more about these, you can get in touch via anastassis@icf-consultations.com.